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Rainbow Between Storms



Evening sun on clouds over the ranch.

Evening sun on clouds over the ranch.

Last we knew, my dad was out of the hospital after being thrown from his horse, Wyatt was on a plane headed for the ranch the morning after his high school graduation, and I was curled up on the couch writing by candlelight about my heroes.

Horses on prairie.

Horses on prairie.

Dad continues to heal. While our time on the ranch last year was filled with horses and rafting, this year’s time was all about Dad’s healing. The latest X-ray revealed that he broke seven ribs, rather than the five we originally thought, and his collarbone is held together by a piece of metal and a comb of screws into the bone. He’ll light up security at the airport like a firework display. 

While the kids were on the ranch, I made my yearly trek to Chicago where one week a year I work instructors in the construction industry, essentially, teaching construction workers how to teach. For this brief week each year, a group of teacher educators from around the world comes together with instructors in the construction industry from across the US, and we spend a week of intensity in which we bring different areas of expertise to work and learn together, with the construction workers learning about how to compose an engaged class and the teacher educators learning about hoisting, rigging, scaffolding, and other aspects of the construction industry. I look forward to this week all year.

Dad, branding 2014

Dad, branding 2014

My plane from Chicago landed on an uncharacteristically wet June western South Dakota prairie – lush and green as Ireland. Our group from Chicago was returning home to places across the US and the world. Branding was the next day on the ranch. Thinking about the different worlds we each inhabit and move between, I wrote of the mosaic of each of our lives the morning of the branding. Mom wrote back, “Mosaic? It’s all about mud and manure!”

Dad oversaw this year’s branding on foot and all went well. Most notable among the conversations at our branding and others, was how many hours shorter brandings are this year,  due to the losses of the Atlas Storm

Wink Branding, 2014

Wink Branding, 2014

Tommy, roping.

Tommy, roping.

Dad and Billy

Dad and Billy, laughs amidst the work.

Kids hanging out between calves.

Kids hanging out between calves.

Mom and Dad, lunch.

Mom and Dad, lunch.

Four-wheeler with neighbor girls!

 Four-wheeler with Mom, Wynn, and neighbor girls!

With Mom, final walk on the ranch between storms.

With Mom, final walk on the ranch between storms.

A series of storms blew in trailing thunder and lightning on our final night on the ranch.

Thunder and lighting storm blows over ranch.

Thunder and lighting storm blows over ranch.

I watched the clouds ebb to the north, as others approached from the south. A rainbow slipped in between storms. I thought of Dad’s healing, of all happening, and the unknown yet to come.

Let us enjoy the rainbow between storms.

Rainbow between storms.

Rainbow between storms.


Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

43 thoughts on “Rainbow Between Storms

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  5. That would be an exciting adventure…the branding…I do prefer the city… Thank you for mentioning us LIUNA instructors!!

    • Andrew, my pleasure to mention LIUNA instructors and the incredible community and work you do! I loved reading your thoughts on the branding… 🙂 City. Hope you’re doing well and thanks so much for taking the time to write. Hugs!

  6. Dawn- A beautiful update and the conference sounded very interesting – construction workers and teachers! I bet the scaffolding part of their trade has some good comparisons. I love looking at those pictures and we wish your dad a speedy recovery! Love you:)

    • Sharon, so wonderful to hear from you! Yes, you would love that conference. It is an amazing time of worlds coming together. And you’re right – excellent comparisons with scaffolding. Brings whole new meanings to my own understandings. I love those photos, too. We miss you! Love you.

  7. I like Dawn how life is rainbows and storms, both synchronized to need the other’s beauty. Very nice.

  8. So good to hear from you, dear Dawn. I’m glad your dad is doing better. Great pictures!!
    Love always.

  9. Glad to hear your dad is well enough to oversee the branding! Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos and thoughts. Your Chicago venture sounds very interesting also! You are so good at spotting rainbows amidst the rain! Hugs . . .

    • Charlotte, thanks so much for connecting on all. Church sent a prayer shawl to Dad and he LOVES. We’re sure all of the prayers and good energy are intimately involved with his healing. Yes, Chicago really is amazing. Love to you!

  10. I love love pictures from the branding and will share with Jessie and Maggie (granddaughters). They worked hay yesterday. So good to see your mom and dad and hear of his healing.
    Love you,

    • Cathy, I love the thought of you sharing these with Jessie and Maggie – the three of you will be with us in spirit! Working hay – that’s hard work, good for them! Love and love to you, dear Cathy.

    • How much of an effect, if you think there will be any, will this new event have on the current climate we are experiencing right now? I really appreciate you. I must say, I really like what you’ve done to your website. The more you know about your customer, the better off you’ll be.

  11. Thanks for the rainbow to start my day! Welcome home!

  12. Lovely! Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to your Dad for a full and speedy recovery. xxx

  13. So glad to see your dad “vertical”! The pictures are beautiful…..scenery and people! Thanks for sharing.

  14. You have a very rich life, Dawn. Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

  15. Beautiful as always! Your writing and your heart. 🙂
    Dakota is rebounding from Atlas in absolute splendor out west, Dawn! My heart heals a little bit more with each new calf I spy. Wish we could have met for a cuppa, but I’ll look forward to your next pilgrimage! Prayers for continued and speedy healing for Wink.

    • Dear Sue, I was so thinking about you when I was on the ranch. My time there was far too short this year. Between Chicago and the Story Catcher workshop, I only had two days between all on the ranch. I would’ve loved to share a cuppa and am hopeful that my next time in South Dakota will allow much more time for the ranch and friends. Love.

  16. Yes, the rainbow…not literally around here, but I’m definitely feeling the joy of those little moments that shine through all the figurative muck and manure of life! Riding it out here, too.

  17. Dawn, your photos are just gorgeous. Those plains! So beautiful.

  18. Dawn, I love your stories of life on the ranch – perhaps there will be a book – anthologies? What a delight that will be 😀 Your Dad is amazing – 7 broken ribs and a pieced back together collarbone and he’s up and working. I had one broken rib once – couldn’t even bear to smile LOL!!!! 😀 Noe, I’m sure, is thrilled to have all of you back home again. Love your Mom’s response to mosaic 😀

    • DearLindy, I cannot imagine that there won’t be a book sometime about all of this… Thank you for the nudge. Dad really IS amazing. Yes, Noé is way thrilled to have us all back home. We were gone almost three weeks, which was far too long for his taste. xoxo to you!

  19. What a beautiful update! I am so glad your Dad was able to supervisor the branding, even if it was on foot. 🙂 I don’t live on a ranch but do understand mosaic=mud & manure. That made me laugh! I think I need to put that on a wooden sign and hang it on my cube wall at work. Hope your Dad keeps on healing! God Bless your wonderful friends and family!

    • Karen, I loved reading how mosaic=mud and manure across cultures beyond ranching. Isn’t that so true?! 🙂 Made me laugh, as well. So grateful to share the mosaic, mud, and manure-filled journey with you! Smiles and hugs.

  20. Beautifully written Dawn! It was so nice to see you & your kids & to see the love that you all share with your Mom & Dad. Hugs to you..

    • Diane, so wonderful to see and spend time with you and Bingo! I’m so glad that we were there when you were headed to the wedding. Love and love to you!

  21. Thank you, Dawn. your stories of the ranch always bring back fond memories of the years I spent on the ranch in Valentine, NE.
    I really miss those days.
    Even my broken collar bone from getting dumped off my horse. Wishing your father a full and speedy recovery.

    • Jan, I was just in NE and can visualize the country around your area. I’m glad the ranch brings back fond memories. And you broke your collar bone getting dumped off a horse, as well?! Ouch. Thanks so much for your good wishes for Dad’s healing – they are working!

  22. Thanks for this update, gf. Awesome images. Might want to check a couple of things…in red below.. xo

  23. Beautiful as always Dawn. I’m looking at photos from the very end of April and can only imagine how happy folks must be to see the prairie so lush… like Ireland. “Let us enjoy the rainbow between storms.” That visual will stay with me.

    • Sherry, it’s amazing to see the prairie so green at this time of the year, when all is normally flaxen, dry, and hot. Yes, great feed for the cattle and such a blessing! So grateful to share both the rainbows and storms with you.

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