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Dewdrops Birthday


First summer bouquet

First summer bouquet

Happy Birthday to Us!

We celebrate our 2nd birthday in August. Two years ago I wrote, “So here is my hope – that this blog will be doses of writing, dewdrops, that might knit us together in this wild, heartbreaking, and exquisite experience of life. Inevitably along the way, there will be thoughts and questions about language, culture, writing, teaching, the land, kids, and anything else that composes the chapters of life. I look forward to our journey together.” 

So much has happened since that time—and along the way, we’ve laughed, cried, questioned, and been Still. Here is the last year of writing. As I composed this piece, looking back over the past year, an image of dewdrops beaded together on a leaf came to mind—each unique and beautiful, and yet in their cluster create a whole. Just like our community.

First touch

First touch

So deeply grateful to share the journey,


One Year of Dewdrops

A Blessed Busy

It’s About Illuminating Life on Earth

Beauty, Skulls, and Culture

Today’s the Day! MEADOWLARK Book Launch

Cove, Dominican Republic

Cove, Dominican Republic

Birthing Rain: Meadowlark’s Book Launch

Deadwood to the Dominican Republic

The Blizzard that Never Was—and its Aftermath on Cattle and Ranchers

It Takes a Ranch—South Dakota Ranchers Affected by the Blizzard 

Storm Atlas

Storm Atlas

Kindnesses and Bones

Rhythms and Day of the Dead


Gratitude Amidst the Messy Parts

Threaded Beads

Writing the Land Class 

Cut tissue paper - Papel picado

Cut tissue paper – Papel picado

O’Keeffe—Spirit of the Winter Solstice

Christmas in Santa Fe—Photos and Recipes

Books to Curl Up and Savor

Magic and Dreams in 2014

Friday Night, Family Night—Love of Place, Belonging… 

Horses on prairie.

Horses on prairie.

Snow-laden Nest Waiting for Spring

When I am an Old Horsewoman

Women of Atlas: Song through the Storm 

Tucson Festival of Books and “the Benson kids”—Roots and Love

Starfish, San Juans.

Starfish, San Juans.

Language and Story: TESOL, Puebla, and the Story Catcher Writing Workshop

What Creates Heroes

Rainbow Between Storms

Story Catchers: The Story Catcher Writing Workshop

The Problem and the Fix on the Ranch: Broken Powerlines

The World Cup—A Surprising Love Story

Gift from the Sea—The San Juan Islands



I have birthday presents! In honor of our birthday, I have three copies of Meadowlark to gift. If you would like a copy, just mention this in the comments below. I’ll sign, bundle, and send to the first three people.



Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

33 thoughts on “Dewdrops Birthday

  1. Hi Dawn ,Ihave a knew activity to tell you about. I had 10 apprentices and a couple of hours to teach them a little about oxy fuel cutting and burning safety. I split them 5 on each side of the room. I started by establishing prior knowledge and exp. Not much. So i handed out one component or part of an oxy fuel set up to one student, He is to take that across the room to another student,talk about it and go write something on the board about it, while the person he just talked to takes the item and goes back across the room and does the same thing. I kept passing out items and this really got rolling ! It was fun engaging and when we were done i had a board full of information to share and talk about. I called it zig zag!!!!!! So is this structure with out structure ,controlled koas or am i just goofy ??? On reflection this was TPS and we safley set up our torches and went to work. Still learning.

    • Hi, Stan— Zig zag! You are brilliant! This sounds absolutely marvelous, Stan. I can just visualize all! I use my imagination around the vocabulary of oxy fuel cutting and burning safety. 🙂 “Controlled chaos or just goofy”? I’d say both and glorious learning occurring throughout! Thank you, thank you for sharing this with me. We’ll be Zig Zagging in my class this week!

  2. Hi Dawn how is your summer going ? I have been wanting to comment on gifts from the sea. You have a way of weaving a story and making us think. Bear with me here. The other day my buddy and i were out in the yard playing with our balls. HA! I mean our kettlebells. After that it was beer and pickles. Once he left I laid back in the yard and thought good workout,good beer,good pickles.good conversation,All gifts from the yard! My son had to move back home and we have his two kids every other week more gifts! I have ahouse full again pluss a new puppy!!!! MORE GIFTS!!!!!!!! They are everywhere!What a great way to look at life!Look for the gifts THANKS.

    • Stan! Oh, did you ever bring a smile to my day! Okay, I laughed out loud with the first few sentences! I could just hear you telling this story. 🙂 How beautiful to think of the gifts from the yard. What a true gift to have a house full once again and a new puppy, too! I am smiling and smiling just thinking of all. Hugs to you!

  3. Happy Birthday dawn and Dewdrops! I always enjoy reading your posts. Love, Katie

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hey dear Katie, thanks so much! I hope the school year has started beautifully for you. Hope we run into each other again sometime soon, somewhere in Santa Fe! 🙂 hugs to you!

  4. Hi! my name is Aiesha Apodaca, I was in your class and was prego, my girl as born healthy, and is amazing!! I really, really enjoyed you!! I freakin loved your class!! happy birthday dewdops!!

    • Hi Aiesha! Oh, that precious baby girl! Send me a photo sometime. I’d love to see both of you. We DID have fun in our class, didn’t we? 🙂 Thank you so much for reaching out to connect. Hugs to you and that beautiful baby girl!

  5. Happy Birthday and congratulations Dewdrops! Love your blog posts. They always make me smile, like conversation with a friend does. Thank you for the smiles : )
    Where can I pick up your book?

  6. Happy Birthday Dewdrops! I love your art Dawn. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. It is so meaningful….

    • Dear Rachel, your art brings beauty and joy to our lives every single day. The dewdrops hang under the back portal outside my kitchen window. The amazing sculpture piece is in the backyard, right in the center, where we can see from every window in the house. Oh, do I love your art. Thank you so very much for sharing these pieces. Here’s to our roots and to the journey together forward! Love.

  7. Dawn, I always look forward to your blogs, I read them and try to imagine I’m in Santa Fe. The first article that hooked me was about the pilgrimage to Chimayo, another place I have a soft spot for. Congratulations on two years and please keep them coming!

    • Dan, thank you so very much for writing! I’ll try to keep conveying Santa Fe in all of its magic. Oh, that pilgrimage to Chimayó…I love that you loved that place, as well. I am hopeless when it comes to Chimayó. Hopeless. I simply love it there–and the pilgrimage added such another layer to that sense of Place and connection. Such gratitude to share the journey with you.

      • Dawn, thank you for replying; wow hopeless for Chimayo! I said I have a soft spot for it but it’s more like an ache. Yes, please continue to write about the most enchanted places in an enchanted state!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I love your posts and do a little happy dance when I see them in my in-box!! If you have a copy of your book, I would love to be considered for your birthday giveaway!

    • Kristy! What a treat to hear from you! Of course, I would love to share Meadowlark with you! I’ll connect privately for your address — and this will give us a chance to catch up on life, too! Hugs and smiles.

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Dewdrops :D. I’m so happy to be on this journey with you. Here’s to many more years ahead for Dewdrops.

  10. Congratulations, Dawn. I have enjoyed your blog and intended to pick up your book. Alas, the memory fails me as soon as I leave home. If you have one left, I would love it!

    • Cherry, oh, do I understand that experience of one’s memory failing as soon as we leave home! I would love to share Meadowlark with you. You don’t even have to remember when you leave home! 🙂 I’ll connect with you privately for your address. Gratitude!

  11. Congratulations on two years. I love reading your blog. If you have an extra copy, I would love to have it. Happy Birthday.

  12. Congratulations Dawn! You blog has been a great help from a professional and personal point of view. I loved reading your book while Noah was taking naps, it was my time and I enjoyed sharing it with Grace. I sent the copy of my book with my mother-in-law to Australia, so…. if you have an extra copy I would love to have it. ¡Felicidades!

    • Querida Patti, thank you so very much for all you write here. I love knowing that you read Meadowlark while Noah took naps. That nap time is so precious!! This means the world to me! And now, Grace is in Australia! Of course, of course, I would love to give you another book. I’ll connect privately via email to get your address. Abrazos y amor.

  13. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! You and your blog are such an inspiration!

  14. Congrats and gratitude dear Dawn! I so enjoy your blog!

  15. Happy Birthday!
    Love seeing your blog on my screen.

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