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Pre-order MEADOWLARK and Meanwhile, back at the ranch….


MeadowlarkAd.qxpI can at last announce that if you would like to pre-order a signed copy Meadowlark, we can now do this. According to my publisher (Pronghorn Press), the books should be available for shipping on August 1, 2013. From the back cover: 


Based on a true story, the author provides a captivating and crystal clear window into the lives of some of                        the early settlers on the plains of South Dakota.

In 1911, sixteen year old Grace has the same hopes and dreams as any other bride for a future built on love, commitment and family. But she also knows that a life of ranching on the magnificent prairie she loves so deeply will require years of perseverance, hard work and suffering. What she doesn’t expect is how quickly she will be required to confront these threats to her heart and her soul.

Despite challenges that often seem insurmountable, Grace builds two abiding friendships in a land where other women are very few and rarely seen. Daisy, a half Lakota widow befriends her and Grace also recognizes a kindred spirit in her nearest neighbor, Mae Thingvold, a young doctor on her own. It is these women and their connections to each other that will sustain all three through unimaginable pain and loss and bring them joy in the sharing of small victories and celebrations of milestones along the paths of their lives. 

Dawn Wink introduces you to Grace and allows you to share her journey as you walk the rolling hills of her beloved prairie at her side. You will laugh and cry with her and share her deep connection the land that is the anchor to the ship of her life on which she sails the endless sea of grass.”

There is a deep part of me that will only believe this book has come to life only when I hold it in my own hands. Whoops, got teary just thinking about it there. Okay, onward. There are multiple ways to purchase Meadowlark, depending on what you’d like and where you live. 

1) If you would like to purchase a signed copy from me, please write me at dawn@dawnwink.com, and include your name and/or the name of the person for whom you would like me to personalize the book. If there is anything that you’d like me to write, please include that, along with your address. Please send a check for $24.00 to:  Dawn Wink, 3 Featherbush Ct., Santa Fe, NM 87508.

If you live in another country, please write me and I’ll find out how much it will cost to ship the book to you.

I will pre-order these books from the publisher myself, have them sent to me, and then I send to you. 

2) If you live in Santa Fe, we will hold a reading at Collected Works. We’re still working on the date. I will let you know, as soon as I know. If you are able to come to the reading (and I hope you do!), then I would love to support our local independent bookstore with your purchasing the book there. 

3) I am checking Amazon daily for Meadowlark to appear for pre-order. My publisher says, “There is no rushing Amazon.” I’ll pop you a note through Dewdrops when it appears. 

4) I would love to support independent bookstores in all places and in all ways. I encourage you to buy Meadowlark through yours. 

I loved what Kate Meadows wrote about writing and Meadowlark in her piece, How to Eat an Elephant: A Rare Glimpse of an Artist’s Success. Meadows writes, “Times change, and circumstances change. We are tested by many hardships in this thing called life, moments of intense heat in which we, like hot iron, are bended and shaped. We won’t be in the furnace forever. But those trying times are the nuggets that test our true character. Writers count these times as gold for their craft – moments and emotions that provide foundations for creating riveting stories.” This is going above my writing desk. Thank you for these words of wisdom, Kate.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

After a week in Santa Fe, we are back at the ranch. Along the way, we pass many abandoned homesteads. There is something so poignant and evocative about these, each with their own stories. When I was writing Meadowlark, I spent a lot of time walking within these sacred places, listening for their stories.

Abandoned homestead, Wyoming

Abandoned homestead, Wyoming

This is one of my favorite places along the drive, a valley north of Lusk, Wyoming.

Valley north of Lusk, Wyoming

Valley north of Lusk, Wyoming

Madonna of the Prairie north of Hermosa, SD:

Madonna of the Prairies

Madonna of the Prairies

Outside of Rapid City, SD, as we headed out onto the prairie and had less than two hours to the ranch, we watched this rain cloud move across the plains.

Rain cloud moves over the plains.

Rain cloud moves over the plains.

We woke to a foggy morning on the prairie.

Foggy morning

Cottonwood in the fog.

Cottonwood in the fog.

This week Luke is off to Placerville Camp in the Black Hills. Luke wouldn’t let us take his picture, so instead we took pictures of one another. 

Noé Villarreal in the Black HIlls

Noé Villarreal in the Black Hills

Dawn Black Hills

Dawn, Black Hills

Noé and I soaked in the beauty of the Black Hills and stopped by Prairie Edge again. I could spend days in that place—the art, the books, the beads, the textures. I included the beads in the photo journal of the ranch. Some beauty and art to share with you. This piece is made of paper:

Allen and Patty Eckman

Allen and Patty Eckman

Ledger drawings. These fascinate and humble me…

Ledger drawings

Ledger drawings

Horse Gatherer, Don Montileaux

Horse Gatherer, Don Montileaux

Wyatt chose to stay and work on the ranch. Mom is teaching a class in Mallorca. Dad is gone for the next week, and Wyatt is responsible for checking the water, cattle, and pastures. We spent the morning before Dad left driving around, with Dad showing Wyatt what he needed to do. 

Dad and Wyatt

Dad and Wyatt

Dad left a list for Wyatt:


Dad’s list for Wyatt

So often, our children believe of themselves, what we believe of them. Wyatt has embraced this responsibility. How much do I love this guy?

With Wyatt

With Wyatt

Pinterest – which I had no idea how to pronounce when I first read last year. Since then, I’ve discovered a world of visuals, bold images, and community. I created boards on Writing, Beauty:Colors, Textures, Places, and Meadowlark – and discovered that I love this creative expression. Here is the board on Meadowlark, with insights into the characters, time, and place of the novel: http://pinterest.com/dawnwink11/meadowlark/

Mae Thingvold, doctor and girl homesteader, was one of Grace’s best friends. She lived in a shanty and made her rounds with her horse and buggy.

Girl homesteader

Girl homesteader

When Grace moved to the homestead at 16, she spent the first years of her marriage there in a soddy.



This piece was composed here, in the eating/writing nook of the ranch house, morning sun streaming in through the windows. What a beautiful place to write.

Eating/writing space in the ranch house.

Eating/writing space in the ranch house.

* * *

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Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

21 thoughts on “Pre-order MEADOWLARK and Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

  1. Hi Dawn, Maybe I am blind but I still don’t see a way to order it here!! 😦 I would love to have a signed book!!

  2. Not to worry, Mamawolfe. I know we can take care of that! xox

  3. Somehow I missed this post, and ordered my own copy. Of course, I’ll have to figure out how to get it signed by the author somehow!

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  5. Oh, Dawn. I love the wisdom and the beauty that you share here. And I am so much with you in the excitement and emotion of the soon-to-be release of your book. It’s your baby, the thing you’ve worked on so hard and for so long. Here is the beauty of where the personal and the professional collide. You cannot keep one separate from the other, when you so fiercely love every aspect of your life. I hope and believe you are an inspiration to many, as you are so deeply to me. Thank you for this!

  6. Hi Dawn, This is SO EXCITING! I can’t wait to read Meadowlark and want to order a copy and have you autograph it to us. I will mail you a check for $24. I loved seeing your photographs as you traveled “back to the ranch.” Have a wonderful summer and say hello to Noe and the kids for us. Jane and Charlie Stringfellow

  7. Hey Dawn, Hi!!

    Make sure you save a book for me! I would like best to come to Collected Works to buy it there, so I will try to do that.

    Just back from France yesterday. Whoosh! Today trying to find my feet again. It was amazing and I think it will be so so good for me. Excellent teachers, a huge long reading list, assignments that will push me to work and to try new things, and worthy colleagues. So, it is going to be a big adventure. I am home today trying to think hard about how to organize my work and my notes, how to structure my writing and reading time; I’m excited!

    And it was great to be in Paris, but one thing that came clear to me is that I really am a western person. And what I write about is the west and the land here; and while I loved, loved being in Paris, and speaking french, and wandering and wanted to stay and write for much longer, what I realize is that I do need also to come home to write. That my deepest bones are here, and I need to wander into colorado, wyoming, montana, south dakota. If I had my druthers I would take a break for a couple weeks, do some contract work, and then head out in my truck with my sleeping bag for a month of fishing and wandering on my own.

    One thing that was so great in Paris was all the work on craft. It was really awesome. Because the program is both fiction and poetry writers the craft talks were mixed, so we heard about time in fiction, and sex scenes, and how to start a story and also work on erasure, and focusing on detail, and line break etc. It was packed and cool. Lots of readings, to go with workshops and lectures. Really fun.

    So, anyway. I’m back! It sounds like you are still in SD which is awesome, but if you come back lets go get coffee!

    Hope all is going really well. And hey, thanks again for helping me get into this program. It is going to be fantastic.

    Much love,


  8. Hey Bethany! And an awesome summer to you and yours, too! “Reader” families – wonderful! Six signed copies coming your way in plenty of time for Christmas. 🙂 Thank you and thank you. xoxo Dawn

  9. Hi! Hope you guys are having an awesome summer! I’ve loved reading about the ranch. Carlos and I both come from “reader” families so I’ll be needing 6 signed copies please. I’m going to save them (all but mine) for Christmas presents so there’s no big rush. Very exciting!!! -Bethany

    Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 15:25:31 +0000 To: bethanymuller@hotmail.com

  10. Dear Dawn, Thank you once again for sharing your writing and life with us. I love looking at the pictures and hope you are having a great time! I would like to order a copy of the book for Nevy. She has been great through all of this moving around and always supportive of my dreams. She has made some great sacrifices to bring us to where we are now. Please, let me know what the shipping cost to Prague would be so that I can include that amount in the check I will mail you. Our address is Rehorova 961/6 (hooks over the two R’s), Prague 3, Zizkov 13000 (hooks over the two Z’s).


    Daniel Perez Adjunct Professor- Teacher Education Santa Fe Community College daniel.perezjr@sfcc.edu ________________________________________

    • Hey dear Daniel, So good to hear from you! I would love to sign and send a book for Nevy. I will weave in what you wrote here. Beautiful. I’m on the ranch right now and will be back in Santa Fe next week. I’ll find out how much it will cost to send to Prague and send you that info.
      Hugs and love to all three of you,

  11. Beautiful! Let me know when you will be at Collected Works.

  12. Just put in my order for 4 autographed copies Dawn, so excited. I did also ask if the address is right no box number at the Santa Fe address?

    Love ya,
    Mary Kay

    Sent from my iPad

  13. Wonderful pictures so glad to be sharing with you, and I am going to pre-order!

  14. Dawn, what a wonderful post; fantastic pictures. The pic of you with your son is one to frame.

  15. Wonderful, as always. The paper sculpture of the buffalo hunt is incredible!!

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