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Chasing the Sunrise


I spend most mornings chasing the sunrise.

I guessed that it was going to be a stunning sunrise on the morning that I headed out for my run and took the above video. Faint hints of light just started to touch the underbellies of the clouds as I left home. I turned on my audiolibro . Angus and I settled into our pace. I kept my eyes on the horizon, waiting, watching. The sun’s glow crested the horizon, light and color bleeding into the clouds. Colors emerged, opened, and deepened, shifting and glowing from within.

I kept my eyes on the light, watching and waiting. There is a patience to every sunrise, waiting for that moment with light and colors at their zenith, before the shifting colors pale and mute, and eventually settle into light pastels and then fade away.

I adjusted my route as I ran, watched, waited, and guessed when the sunrise would reach its peak. I wanted to be somewhere with a wide open view when the colors of the sunrise shone with brilliance.

How very like life, this chasing the sunrise. That awareness and hope for the impending opening of light, creation of beauty.

I chase the sunrise in many elements of my life during this chapter, watching, waiting, preparing for that moment when colors flood the clouds to create an opening for beauty.

Sometimes we notice sunrises as a fortunate coincidence we happen to witness. Certain chapters of life invoke a dedication to beauty, an intentional chasing of sunrises, a mindful awareness and guessing of the brightest moment of illumination.

And, then we run toward it to dive fully into that moment of potential and possibility.

Sunrise scarf from my parents.