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TESOL Convention 2023—Intergenerational Highlights and Conversations about Our Lives in TESOL


Off to the International TESOL Convention 2023 in Portland, Oregon next week! I look forward to seeing some of you there! I am thrilled to share in the panel Intergenerational Highlights and Conversations about Our Lives in TESOL with Mom (Joan Wink), Yvonne Freeman, David Freeman, Ann Ebe, Mary Soto, Sonia Nieto, Alicia López, and Shelley Taylor on Wednesday, March 22, 10-11:15am, OCC, D136. This idea has been percolating for several years and we decided that this was the year to bring to fruition. Last year’s TESOL in Pittsburgh was filled with layers of ideas, language, and love.

This intergenerational panel of professionals within multilingual education highlights panel members’ experiences within academia and publishing, the distinctive path each has taken within the field, and the unique dynamics of sharing a profession with one’s parent/child. Panel members reflect a spectrum, with each bringing their own lens of understanding.

Dr. Joan Wink

Dr. Yvonne Freeman

Dr. David Freeman

Dr. Shelley Taylor

Dr. Sonia Nieto






Dr. Dawn Wink

Dr. Ann Ebe

Dr. Mary Soto


Alicia López







This session will be divided into two sections:

  1. Each educator shares research, pedagogy, and ideas of multilingual education.
  2. The second half of the presentation will be an engaged conversation of their professional and personal intertwined lives. Topics will include what drew each member to the field of multilingual education, graduate school experiences, teaching and professional experiences throughout their careers, and stories around the unique dynamics of sharing a professional field with family.

The intention of this panel is to share experiences and lessons from lifetimes in education from a variety of perspectives and generations. This will be a time of reflection, stories, laughter, wisdom, and probably more than a few surprises.

Dr. Joan Wink is a professor emerita of California State University/Stanislaus. Throughout her career she has focused on languages, literacy, and learning in pluralistic contexts. Author of Critical Pedagogy, Visions of Vygotsky (with LeAnn Putney), and Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It? (with Dawn Wink.) Her latest work focuses on Academic Family Trees.

Dr. Yvonne (Bonnie) Freeman is a professor emerita of Bilingual Education at the University of Texas Río Grande Valley. She has published books and articles on biliteracy, literacy for multilinguals, children’s and adolescent literature, ESL methods, second language acquisition, and linguistics. She has presented nationally and internationally on these topics.

Dr. David Freeman is a professor emeritus at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He has written books and articles on teaching ESL methods, second language acquisition, teaching reading and writing to emergent bilinguals, and linguistics. He has presented on these topics nationally and internationally.

Dr. Sonia Nieto is a member of the National Academy of Education, Nieto is Professor Emerita of Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The recipient of 9 honorary doctorates, she has written or edited 13 books including a memoir, Brooklyn Dreams: My Life in Public Education (2016), and a co-authored book with her daughter, Alicia López Nieto, Teaching, A Life’s Work: A Mother/Daughter Dialogue (2019).

Dr. Shelley K. Taylor Professor, teaches in the graduate TESOL/Applied Linguistics program at the University of Western Ontario and has conducted research on multilingual language education and language policy in Canada, Denmark, Greenland, and Nepal; as well as on plurilingualism in TESOL, EMI in the Nordic context, Nepali-Bhutanese refugee children in Canada, and postsecondary youth refugees’ language and literacy development. She is President-elect of TESOL (until this Friday!).

Dr. Dawn Wink is writer and educator whose work explores the wildness, beauty, and imagination of language, culture, and place. Wink is author of Meadowlark, Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It? (with Joan Wink), and “Wild Waters: Landscapes of Language,” and “Language, culture, and land: Lenses of lilies.”

Dr. Ann Ebe began her work as a bilingual elementary school teacher, reading specialist and administrator. Currently, she is the Coordinator of Childhood Education Programs at Hunter College in New York City. She has worked in schools in California, Arizona, Hong Kong and Mexico. Her primary research interests include exploring the reading process of bilingual students, translanguaging, and the use of culturally relevant texts to support literacy development.

Dr. Mary Soto is an assistant professor in the Teacher Education Department at California State University East Bay in Hayward, California. She works with teacher candidates as well as teachers working toward their master’s degree. Her research interests include using authentic texts and project based learning to teach emergent bilinguals and long-term English learners and is author of “A Self-Study of Teacher Educator Practice: Strategies and Activities to Use with Authentic Texts.”

Alicia López, PhDc is an ELL teacher at Amherst Regional Middle School. Her 26 years in the classroom span 2 states and 3 subjects (French, Spanish, ESL). She is also a doctoral student in the TESI program, and a lecturer in the ESL Licensure program in the Professional and Graduate Education program at Mount Holyoke College.  Alicia is the co-author with Sonia Nieto of the book Teaching: A Life’s Work, a mother-daughter dialogue (Teacher’s College Press). She reflects on teaching on her blog, Maestra Teacher.


I will also be participating with the Leadership Pathways in TESOL as a member of the TESOL Nominating Committee. I was over-the-moon to be elected to serve on this committee this year. That gathering takes place on Thursday, March 23, 10:30 – 11:15am, Hyatt, Willamette 8.


If you are at TESOL in Portland, I’d love to see you!

And I’m still chasing the sunrise…





Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

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