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Travel, Teaching, and Tampico for MEXTESOL


Tampico, Mexico and Coastline

We landed in Tampico, Mexico for the MEXTESOL Tampico Conference 2017 “Evolving and Involving.” 

Our hosts, Jorge Torres and Kim Soriano, and I studied together during a workshop intensive in Puebla, Mexico. It was lovely to reconnect and continue our shared journey of teaching and learning. Jorge and Kim invited us to the gorgeous campus of The American School of Tampico where we met with teachers and talked about Informal Assessment: It’s All About Authenticity. (click link for PPT) Informal Assessments – It’s All About Authenticity

With hosts Jorge Torres and Kim Soriano, The American School of Tampico

With teachers from The American School of Tampico

Gorgeous tree at the American School of Tampico

During our time in Tampico, the earthquakes in Mexico City and Oaxaca continued. We felt nothing where we were, but watching the news learned of the volunteer rescuers of Los Topos (the moles). We never watch news in the US, but did watch in Mexico and learned so much about the courage and heroism of these volunteers, whose initial volunteers began spontaneously in the aftermath of the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City: Who are Los Topos Volunteer Rescuers. Héctor Méndez, one of the original founders of Los Topos, “”Society changed in 1985 after that earthquake. It was a kind of cleaning. Because suffering cleans your spirit… So Mexican society now is a kind of catharsis — kind of a social catharsis, you see.”

The next day we were off to the MEXTESOL Tampico Conference in the gorgeous Casa de la Cultura.

Casa de la Cultura, Tampico, Mexico

Angel, Casa de la Cultura

We dove into ideas around Teaching Passionately Passion, Freedom, Structure (click link for PPT).

Talking and making meaning ©MEXTESOL

MEXTESOL Conference 2017

Mil gracias, MEXTESOL Tampico, Jorge, Kim, and teachers. Here’s to all of our shared journeys!

Leaving Tampico

Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores the beauty and tensions of language, culture, and place.

12 thoughts on “Travel, Teaching, and Tampico for MEXTESOL

  1. Thank for sharing this adventure with me. I had a great time on the trip and I always wanted to go to Tampico. I met some very interesting people. Thanks again and for sharing you life with me XOXO

  2. Comadre, What a fascinating trip, and how fortunate the MEXTESOL teachers are to have you inspiring them and sharing your perspective! xoxo, S

  3. Dear Dawn, what a crazy exciting life you lead, always busy and traveling, doing what is a highest calling, Education. Thanks for sharing your ventures. Hugs, Dan

    • Hey dear Dan, so good to connect with you! I hope this finds you well and deep into your carving, art, and yard projects. I know that fall is a busy time for you for all.
      A hug,

  4. Wonderful…impressive experiences and beautiful photos.

  5. Wonderful to hear what you are doing and learn about Tampico. And love the photos. You are looking good, Dawn.

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