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A Walk on the Prairies


“I think Josie’s tear is because she misses Dawn.”

For a walk on the prairies, join Mom on the ranch. Mom wrote of the photo above, “I think Josie’s tear is because she misses Dawn.” I miss Josie and all she symbolizes.

In the midst of all of the demands and pressures of life, take a moment to walk the prairie with Mom and enjoy the beauty: http://www.joanwink.com/latest/a-morning-walk-on-the-prairies/

Enjoy and with love!



Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores the beauty and tensions of language, culture, and place.

6 thoughts on “A Walk on the Prairies

  1. Hi Dawn –

    I wonder if you might have a moment to re-send your email on your experience (with photos) of your Frieda Kahlo house tour. Have a friend who wants to go on the same tour. Forwarded that email to “everyone else”!

    Trust you are well.

    Many thanx, Sue Koegl


  2. A glimpse into western life – some things expected – some surprises. Fun to walk along.

  3. Greeting from Guatemalaaa… It’s so glad to hear from you guys! Keep it up and thanks a lot for sharing once again…long time not hearing from you all!

  4. Thank you for sharing your animal fix!


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