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Educational Leadership in Costa Rica


Once upon a time in Costa Rica, a group of teachers came together in a magical place called Escuela Espiral Maná. Here in the midst of all, we wrestled with angels about how to create educational leadership through blogs.

Founder and educator extraordinaire, Mary Scholl created this school and this course through sheer heart and expertise. I was fortunate to be invited.

Together, we wrote, read, created, laughed, wrote, struggled, and wrote and learned some more.
We explored leadership, education, writing, and compassionate communication under the eaves of plants and tin metal roofs.

The teachers gathered together supported one another in our journeys.

The angels of the kitchen, los angeles de la cocina, sustained our bodies and spirits, as we learned.

We collaborated, learned, talked, learned some more, and created.

Our week-long journey had each of us thinking about our professional and personal journeys of contribution.

Noé with a gorgeous cup of coffee on our final day.

Our journeys continue. We each strive and stumble our way through the dance of life, teaching, and writing.

Thankfully, we are together in our journey.


Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

36 thoughts on “Educational Leadership in Costa Rica

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  2. This looks amazing and inspiring Dawn, like Oaxaca was for me. In fact, I just booked a ticket to go back this summer, at the end of May for a few weeks. Now, to plan an itinerary…. See you there??? xobarbara

  3. Wow! How cool to have been a part of that experience. They were fortunate to have you there.

  4. Gracias por compartir. Very inspiring!

  5. Beautiful in SO MANY WAYS!!!!! Thank you for sharing this, Dawn.
    P.S. Have you figured out how to make coffee with a heart at home for Noe ??!!!

  6. You are a gem! g


  7. Really enjoyed the pictures. You are doing such a terrific thing. We enjoy Dewdrops. Thanks

  8. Lovely place, lovely people, great way of teaching and learning!

  9. Dear Dawn, thank you for sharing this wonderful post! Has been my dream to work with Mary, and excited to see the course in action. What a fantastic community of learning we are at SIT 🙂

  10. Great work, Dawn! We are so proud of you. xox Jann

  11. Wow, Dawn – thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with your devoted fans. Wonderful pictures tell the truth beyond/behind the words… XOXO

  12. What a beautiful experience this must have been! Thanks for sharing it!



    On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 8:10 PM, Dawn Wink: Dewdrops wrote:

    > Dawn Wink posted: ” Once upon a time in Costa Rica, a group of teachers > came together in a magical place called Escuela Espiral Maná. Here in the > midst of all, we wrestled with angels about how to create educational > leadership through blogs. Founder and educator extra” >

  13. Looks like a fabulous time!!

  14. Dawn, this looks so great. It makes me think about teaching again. and makes me wonder what exactly you were working on there. it looks wonderful and moving. hope you are well!



    • Will,
      You would’ve loved all that we did. Loads of letting go of old writing paradigms and creating a new relationship with writing, lots of writing, talking, looking up into the trees, laughing, pondering, and writing some more.
      So good to hear from you! Thanks so very much.

  15. Always the little badass! Thanks for sharing your experiences. ❤️

  16. Dawn and Noe, what a wonderful opportunity; what a wonderful program. So good that you could both attend. ❤❤

  17. Dawn, you are such an inspiration in the courageous way you just reach out and go for your dreams. You are just amazing. You have forged new paths and new ways to interact with the world. I am so so awed and inspired.
    Thank you.

    • Connie,
      You have so been in my thoughts with your own incredible life. Thank you so much for writing and connecting. Thank you so very much for the blessing of all you write here.

  18. What an adventure. Glad to see the return or DewDrops!!!! Hugs…..

  19. Fun to read about….Nice Noe went with!!! That is great…….thanks……

    You are on senior countdown…..oh mama…..what beautiful children you raised….and have to be a very proud mama!


    • Mary Main,
      Thanks so much! So good that Noé was able to make this trip.
      The kids… I know! We head to Ft. Collins this weekend to check out the campus for Wynn. We shall see. The gang is thriving. Yep, one very proud mama! Thanks so very much, Mary Main.

  20. Dawn, your blogs filled with photos are my favorites, but I believe this blog has to top them all. The pictures definitely say more than a thousand words! And I love the sign — “Value Your own wisdom, experience & opinion but know that it is yours – not everyones.” Made me pause and ponder…

    • Alice,
      Oh, I am so glad! There were so many photos to choose from—I’m glad these reflect the essence of the experience. I love the wisdom on that sign, as well. I found myself thinking more about this all over again after reading your note.
      Thanks so very much for connecting here.

  21. Well, you just forgot to mention one of the most important details: what a great mentor, writer, and human being flew over from Santa Fé, New Mexico to be with us and encourage us to begin our blogging journey.

    • Jonnathan,
      You are a super star! True, true, true. Thank you for all here — and it really was you and our community who created such an incredible experience.
      Here’s to our blogging journey together!

  22. Thank you for the vivid memories of spiritual love and soul shelter.

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