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Photo Journal of Oaxaca


Swirling skirts during Guelaguetza celebration.

Swirling skirts during Guelaguetza celebration.


Oaxaca, México

Oaxaca, México

Our time in Oaxaca, México came to an end. I will write more about all—our experiences were so multi-faceted, a single piece can’t do them the justice they each deserve. More pieces soon on the inspiration for this journey, the incredible LISTO TESOL class, what we learned about the teacher’s strike that turned deadly, the graffiti everywhere that tells the story of a non-official narrative, photos, the multiple histories told, and other experiences and aspects of life, culture, and language that compose a mosaic of Oaxaca.

For now, a photo journal to honor this incredible place. 

Street of Oaxaca

Street of Oaxaca

Birds made of corn husks fly above Calle Alcalá.

Birds made of corn husks fly above Calle Alcalá.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo - sanctuary

Santo Domingo – sanctuary

A couple steals a kiss along the walls of Santo Domingo.

6. Santo Domingo Couple Stealing Kiss

Streets of Oaxaca

Streets of Oaxaca

9. Oaxaca Coffee

“Scientists have discovered a new form of direct messaging through voice and in 3D and they call it, ‘Sharing a cup of coffee with somebody!'”

10. Oaxaca Coffee 2

The temples of Monte Albán. “Inhabited over a period of 1,500 years by a succession of peoples – Olmecs, Zapotecs and Mixtecs – the terraces, dams, canals, pyramids and artificial mounds of Monte Albán were literally carved out of the mountain and are the symbols of a sacred topography. The nearby city of Oaxaca, which is built on a grid pattern, is a good example of Spanish colonial town planning. The solidity and volume of the city’s buildings show that they were adapted to the earthquake-prone region in which these architectural gems were constructed (UNESCO).”

Monte Alban

Monte Alban

Wynn and Luke heard the Mockingjay whistle (Hunger Games) as they explored the temples and whistled back. Through a series of whistles, throughout the temples, the original whistlers and they found one another…

Luke, Dawn, Wynn

Luke, Dawn, Wynn

Steps of temple

Steps of temple

One interpretation – giving birth.

21 Giving birth

Beach of San Antonillo. We arrived after 6 hours in a van up over a mountainous pass of two-lane curving highway, particularly noteworthy in deep fog and driving rain. We experienced two completely different climate and temperatures within hours. Yes, drivers really do pass within inches of the oncoming and passing vehicles. 

Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass

San Antonillo

San Antonillo

14. Waters of San Antonillo

Underside of palm frond ceiling/roof.

Underside of palm frond ceiling/roof.

13. San Antonillo palms

The festival of La Guelaguetza! “Participants from the seven different regions of the state gather in the capital city, also named Oaxaca, to dance, sing and play music. This cultural exchange is a visually stunning exhibit of color and movement. The dancers and musicians wear clothing representative of their district…The roots of the Guelaguetza festival call upon pre-Columbian traditions that have existed for millennium. Indeed, the word “guelaguetza” hails from the Zapotec Indian language and means an offering or gift. Included in the translation is the concept of an exchange, or an act of reciprocity (Mexonline).”

17. Procession in front

18. Couple Guelaguetza

The swirling skirts of Oaxaca.

Dancing in parade

19. In front of Santo Domingo

My brief and amateur video. Turn up the volume!

Generations of dresses

Stilts in a line

Guys on Stilts

Women with orange skirts

Ribboned braids.

Swirling skirts 3

More parade



Little girl

Parade street

La Frida—pero, claro.

La Frida

A brief glimpse of some of what composes Oaxaca. Our time there was as varied in experiences as the place itself. Which as I think about it, feels only right. More soon.

Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

18 thoughts on “Photo Journal of Oaxaca

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  2. Loved the stilts! The little girl was precious. You captured her essence.

  3. Thank you for your post and your beautiful pictures. They do justice to the beauty of Oaxaca. More people should visit this part of Mexico.

  4. Spectacular pics. You are an accomplished photographer as well as a talented writer.

  5. Amazing photos Dawn, architecture, landscape, family, people, textures and colors. I know you will remember the best times and the memory of the trials will fade away. Hugs, Dan

  6. Loved this, Dawn! Jim and I had a lovely time there many years ago. I remember the scent of jasmine under our window–which largely made up for the loud music from down the street! 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Wow, Dawn, what fabulous pictures!! Thanks for sharing these with all of your fans. XOXO

  8. Amazing photos! What an experience. I can’t wait to wait to hear all about it.

  9. Hi Dawn: Wow, these pictures are amazing. The culture is rich and beautiful! Next time, I would like to stow away with you!

  10. The story and photos brought to life something I have never seen. Thank you for sharing the total experience with us. And how wonderful that Luke and Wynn could be with you to experience it first-hand.

  11. Thank you, Dawn, for bringing me along on your trip through your photos. Not only does your photography capture a thousand words, but the vibrant colors and celebration show off a culture I wouldn’t have known about without first “reading” your photo journey.

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Now I want to go! But I could dream of being there with you.

  13. Thank you Dawn! You did a great job of photo journaling your trip, I really enjoyed the photos, and your little youtube video. The YouTube video made it so real for me, as well as photos of you and (your kids?) Not sure who they are, but I recognized you ~
    I would not have fared well on the mountain ride you described. Good for you! I’m glad you had such an exciting adventure and that you shared it with us!

  14. Fascinating, stunning, remarkable photos! I really hope to go there some day. Kathryn

    On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 9:02 AM, Dawn Wink: Dewdrops wrote:

    > Dawn Wink posted: ” Our time in Oaxaca, México came to an end. I will > write more about all—our experiences were so multi-faceted, a single piece > can’t do them the justice they each deserve. More pieces soon on the > inspiration for this journey, the incredibl” >

  15. Beautiful photos of people and country. Looking forward to your narrative about your experiences.

  16. Beautiful photos of people and countryside. Looking forward to your narratives about your experiences.

  17. Love this Dawn. Feeling ‘homesick’ for Oaxaca…. everything moves so fast here! About to meet Laura for breakfast. Sending love and see you soon. Barbara

  18. A sumptuous delightful visual journey and amazing photography! What a great trip it must have been. Glad you are back safely!! Big Hugs!

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