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A Mosaic for Mother’s Day


A sunrise run.

Sunrise run.

A mosaic of photos for Mother’s Day. Bits of beauty from the past few weeks to share together.

Early morning writing by candlelight.

Early morning writing.

Layers and textures of clouds overhead.

Layers of clouds over Santa Fe.

First lilac in honor of Cascabel and Grandma Grace to bloom.

First lilac

A new discovery for Friday Night, Family Night. Highly recommend.

Hatch Red Chile Wine

Running trail and partner.

running trail

Postcard from Switzerland of the incredible library in St. Gallen. Heaven. One day I’ll go.

Postcard St. Gallens

Postcard from Kay Schimke. Thank you!

The guitar inspired by Song in Meadowlark unfolds…

Meadowlark guitar Song
The artist, Jodi Shaw, at work. I must say, this makes me a bit teary.

This photo hangs above my writing desk. I adore. I lose myself in this image and all it evokes. Photographer unknown. Wings to all.

Woman and wings

In honor of mothers the world over. My maternal great-grandmother, Lucille Clark, age 13. Or, as I knew her, Grammie Cile.

Grammie Cile

My grandmother, Janet Clark Richardson.

Grandma Janet

With my incredible, phenomenal mom.

Dawn baby and Mom

In honor of beauty, wings, and mothers the world over. 

Rooftop sunset.

Rooftop sunset.



Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores the beauty and tensions of language, culture, and place.

28 thoughts on “A Mosaic for Mother’s Day

  1. Dawn what a delighful splash of color and verve to receive your mother’s day dewdrop!

    I did think of you today, May 10th, this Mexican Mother’s Day –

    You may recall my interest in all things ELL, and perhaps a tad of a story last school year of a young arrival, placed in my junior level zoology class with no word of English and I no word of Spanish: we muddled through for some weeks, seeking the bookstore keeper as our interpreter until I was able to have the young fellow have his mother send for his Mexican high school transcripts, have them translated and help him into a better placement of classes. Our school’s ELL services are pretty much nothing. Long story short, he left my class for the required biology and after finding him a Spanish version of the textbook on line, for free, we had little contact. Well this afternoon after lunch, here comes this young man, now about to graduate high school, with his hands behind his back. “Miss, Miss” he calls out, “wait, I talk with you” and he pulls forth a single white rose and embraces me “for you Miss, for mother’s day, today is mother’s day in Mexico: thank-you for helping me when I first come!”

    “I will be at your graduation in two weeks!” I remind him, as we embrace.

    So you see, dear Dawn, the lessons learned run on!

    Cheers to you and all the other mothers!

    • Dear Tanja, so wonderful to hear from you! And I love that you thought of me on Mexican Mother’s Day. Perfect!

      Oh, this story of the young man from Mexico goes straight to my heart. Imagine what a difference you made in his life! This is incredible and what a beautiful reflection on you and your spirit. What a gorgeous, powerful story and I am so very grateful that you shared with me. My heart is smiling and smiling!

      Thank you ever so much and huge hugs! Dawn

  2. Gracias por compartir estos momentos tan especiales. Un feliz Dia de la Madre para ti!

  3. You have chose your ancestors well. What a treasure to have pictures of those beautiful women in your life. And I like the wine – was it zippy?

    • Dear Judith — aren’t I blessed to have chosen my ancestors well? 🙂 Thank you so very much for this and honoring the treasure of the beautiful women in my life. Yes, the wine WAS zippy! Very fun. We loved it.

  4. This is so beautiful, Dawn! Thank you for sharing these images.


    Kristin Little Photography http://www.kristinlittle.com http://www.kristinlittle.com/blog info@kristinlittle.com +1.415.617.9070

  5. Thank you once again. This is a hard, heavy day for me and your mosaic was “a softening” of it. You are quite amazing but then I am not the first person who has told you that, I’m sure. I wish you sensational, spirit filled day, with communiques with all your loved ones.



    • Dear Connie, thank you so very much for taking the time to connect on a hard, heavy day. I am grateful to know that these scenes softened the day and to know that we share our journeys. Much love to you, Dawn

  6. Happy Mother’s Day dear Dawn. What a beautiful tribute to mom’s everywhere. Hugs.

    • Happy Mother’s Day to you, Diane! Mom and I were just talking about the wonderful event in Mobridge and how much everyone just adores you! 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. Much love.

  7. Such beautiful images, Dawn, to honor motherhood…a state of honor, privilege and always of things unexpected!! Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  8. A lovely mosaic for Mother’s Day! Thank you for sharing, and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  9. Beautiful gathering of photos. So glad you liked the thank you postcard from St. Gallen. You would love the library and all it holds. I am sure Karl would love to show you around it. He actually became enchanted by it when he held a children’s concert there.

    • Dear Kay, what a treat to receive the postcard in the mail! I am so grateful that you and Margaret decided on postcards from Switzerland. I just love mine and have a new place to go one day. Please tell Karl that I would love a tour of this enchanting place. I love thinking of you there and being able to visualize.

  10. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful, Dawn! Happy Mother’s Day!

  12. Motherhood is so so beautiful when you put it like this!! Thanks for reminding us, you lovely mama! Sandy


  13. Lovely Dawn….every mosaic moment! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  14. Happy Mothers’ Day to you, dear Dawn – mother extraordinaire! XOXOXO

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