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Good Friday Pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayó


Good Friday in northern New Mexico means walking the pilgrimage to the Santuario de Chimayó.

Dawn Wink: Dewdrops

Santuario de Chimayó Santuario de Chimayó

Spring has many traditions in northern New Mexico, with the annual pilgrimage to the Santuario de Chimayó as one of the deepest held. Every year, thousands of people walk to the Santuario on Good Friday. People walk to give thanks, with specific prayers, to honor loved ones who have passed, to honor their faith, and a myriad of other reasons centering on gratitude. Please take the time to read the history of theSantuario here. “It is a story that spans over one thousand years and three contents.” It is a story that in so many ways conveys the essence of our history and dynamics in northern New Mexico.

Noé and Dawn, 5:00 am Noé and Dawn, 5:00 am

Noé and I walked the pilgrimage two years ago. Come with us on our journey. We walked to give thanks for Mom’s recovery from breast cancer. It had been five years since her diagnosis…

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Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores the beauty and tensions of language, culture, and place.

6 thoughts on “Good Friday Pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayó

  1. You know’ I lived 30 years in NUESTRA SRA DE GUADALUPE DE LOS CANELONES.. department or town..that embraces MONTEVIDEO DE CAPITAL O URUGUAY..guadalupe..means wad lux..stones of light..so nice to see peoples faith..

  2. Dawn, what an incredible journey and a beautiful story! I love the miracle of your mom’s phone call, and the miracle of her good health! This is a Good Friday gift for me! Love to all of you. Gail


    • Gail, isn’t that phone call amazing? Yes, a miracle. I actually couldn’t quite believe it when it happened. I am so very grateful to share with you. Hope you had a lovely Easter! Love to you! Dawn

  3. I hope you and your wonderful family have a joyous Easter weekend, dear Dawn. I know you will be providing a lot of people with delicious joy via your amazing apple pies! XOXO

    • Dearest Liz, oh, if you could see and smell our house right now! We started peeling last night. We’ll be gathered, peeling, making dough through day and the baking extravaganza tomorrow! XOXOX to you!

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