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Magic and Dreams in 2014


Magic, dreams...

Magic, dreams…

One year draws to a close and another opens—a blank canvas before each of us. As I read the above quote from Neil Gaiman, I felt this conveys exactly what I would wish for us all. It’s a time of reflection and hope, a time of closure and new beginnings.  A time to think of what we’ve learned and what we hope to create. Here are some of my own musings of discoveries and deeper learnings from the past year:

I learned that life really is all about relationships. It is the community we create and care for that lift our lives.

It is the small daily acts that create a life. Acts of rhythm, acts of structure, acts of discipline, acts of creativity, and acts of character. Life doesn’t suddenly swirl into suddenly into being. A magnificent life is often composed of seemingly mundane daily acts.

Unexpected tragedies happen to good people.

Prism bulb

Prism orb. Light for the new year.

Community, love, creativity, honesty, and rigor overcome negative forces. Maybe not the first time, or even the second, but in the arc of life, their energy rises again and again.

Forgiveness, to receive and to give, casts its ripples farther than we’ll ever know.

Never mistake kindness for weakness.

Gratitude deepens with time.

JK Rowling’s words, “And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” 

Dreams do come true – and almost always in ways we never imagined.

Today I’ll sit with my journal and write of all I am grateful for and what I hope to bring into being in the next year. Some of these dreams and goals will hopefully find life and others will inevitably get moved to a next journal next New Year’s Day. As the swirling of the past year briefly settles and transitions into the next, I think of you and what I hope 2014 may bring.

May the New Year Bring

Listen to grace

Listen to grace. Ornament from Jennifer Wolfe

May you gather your tribe around you and all take good care of each other.

May your path be filled with blessings and beauty.

May the New Year bring gossamer strands of peace, where there was pain.

May we live not with regret, but with what we’ve learned through our experiences. Regret paralyzes. Learning expands.

May the New Year sparkle with potential, hope, dreams, and a healthy dose of magic to you and yours!

On this first day of the New Year most importantly, I wanted to express my gratitude for you. In our Dewdrops community, your ideas, experiences, wisdom, and understandings of beauty and life enriches my world exponentially. I learn so much from you. Your generosity of spirit never ceases to amaze and inspire me.  I wanted to take this moment to express my deep gratitude to you. Thank you.

Wishing you a year of love, magic, and dreams.



Blank page

Blank page

Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

19 thoughts on “Magic and Dreams in 2014

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  2. Winkie, Thank you for your heartfelt message, love and thoughts…..wisdom too! May all the good you give out come back to you…..exponentially! You obviously know that the joy and richness in life comes from the giving of our time, talents, sometimes our money, but most of all our hearts! May 2014 be a year of wonder, health, peace and love to you, Noe’, Wyatt, Luke, Wynn and your parents. Nancy (Yates) 🙂

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    • Nancy, so wonderful connect in this new year! And your first full year now retired! Oh, the possibilities and potential… 🙂 I am so grateful to share in all. I am so happy for you that you now get this time to Be and fill your life with what you choose to do and explore. A year of wonder, health, peace, and love to you, too, dearest Nancy. Much love, Winkie

  3. Dawn, as I read what you’ve learned from this year, I thought I was reading my own words. The first one, about relationships, was my biggest blessing this year. Thank you for your wisdom and the beautiful way you share it! This new cycle will bring you even more connections with everything that is loving and wise. Thank you for being my friend. 🙂 Your support for me this past year meant so much!


    • Dear Kenna, when I sat to write this piece, this knowing about relationships filled me. As I experience my own life, as well as observe lives of those around me and of the generations above me, those who have created rich lives for themselves all have authentic community around them. I know this comes from years and years of giving of themselves as a true friend, of those small acts that go into letting someone know they care. This inspires and guides me, with your own way of being with your community among those I treasure!

  4. “Dreams do come true – and almost always in ways we never imagined”. I love this and looking back, it is so true. Thank you Dawn for sharing your thoughts and as always, I enjoy your block. I always take time to read it with a good cup of coffee and it becomes a special moment.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2014, lets fill the pages with beauty.

    • Dear Anja,
      As I sat by the lights of the Christmas tree and candles and wrote this piece, this realization about dreams and their own journey came through so clearly to me. I thought back on so many experiences. Thank you for sharing that this has been true in your own life, as well. And I love knowing that you and I share a good cup of coffee together. Beautiful! I will think of this as I write.
      Yes, let’s fill the pages of 2014 with beauty!

  5. Love you. Grateful to have another year of friendship to look forward to…may the spirals of life always bring us together!

  6. It is so nice to hear your thoughts on a regular basis. I identify with them and they linger in my mind for days to come. Thank you Dawn for sharing yourself. Our reconnection has been sweet……

    • Dear Rachel, our reconnection this year is such a blessing. I love knowing that we share these ideas and musings. I find this deeply comforting and so look forward to reading your own thoughts and experiences. Thank YOU so much for sharing yourself. A lovely, lovely 2014 to you and yours! Love, Dawn

  7. As always, Dawn, written with love. I so look forward to all of Dewdrops. I’m with Barbara – will print and put this on the wall next to my computer/desk along with your terrific family pic Christmas card 🙂 as I look forward to 01/13/14. And here is one from me which I found when I opened a post from my library, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    Listen to Grace 🙂

    Hugs, Lindy

    • Dear Lindy, I love our connection here and always look forward to your thoughts and what you’ll write. Thank you so much for taking the time. I loved what you wrote, “I’m with Barbara…” You two would so enjoy one another! Thank you for including these thoughts next to your computer desk. As I only put treasured things there next to my own, this means so very much to me. Our Christmas card…We all had the giggles and that was the least-blurry of the photos! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed. Oh, what a wonderful Emerson quote! That is new to me. I, too, so look forward to 1/13/14!
      Hugs to you,

  8. What wonderful thoughts! It was the first email I read in 2014. I am printing out this Dewdrop and taping ALL of these thoughts in my 2014 journal !! Here is one to add that I really like: “Give what you love the most.” Thank you Dawn for your gift of writing and friendship. Happy New Year to you, Noe and the kids.
    Barb P.

    • Dear Barb, Oh, I love the thought of these thoughts taped in your journal! I tape things in my journal, as well. There is something just wonderful and comforting about those pages taped into a journal. What an honor to be taped on the pages! “Give what you love the most.” You live this every day, Barb – a source of constant inspiration. I am so grateful for our friendship. Wishing you a lovely, lovely 2014! Love, Dawn

  9. Happy New Year to you & yours!!! I like the “tomorrow is the first page” etc…good line, good thought with a lot of depth!!! Love to all, Micki

    • Happy New Year to you, dear Micki! I just loved that “Tomorrow is the first page,” too. I may need to put that one above my writing desk. Love and more love to you from us, Dawn and the whole gang

  10. hola, vieja, contesta….

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