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“Raven’s Time: Wildness and Beauty” Online Class


Raven, Chimayó, NM, Dawn Wink

Raven, Chimayó, NM, Dawn Wink

Hello dear ones!

I am thrilled to be teaching “Raven’s Time: Wildness and Beauty” online this summer through Story Circle Network. I’ve written and presented quite a bit about these ideas in the past few years, and this is the first time they’ve been offered online.

I love these ideas. I love talking about these ideas. I love the conversations and connections that come from talking about these ideas. 

Through readings, poetry, music, photography, and textures, this class is designed for any who want to swim in these ideas, ponder what they might mean, and if you’re a writer or artist, how they might enrich your own life and/or writing. If you are a lover of life and ideas, please join us! My hope is to create an experience rich in ideas, images, and experiences for all. I’d love to share this time together.

Story Circle Network just posted this piece about the class. It is my pleasure to share with you.



Class Title: Raven’s Time: Wildness and Beauty

Instructor: Dawn Wink

Class Term: August 12-September 9, 2013 enroll in this class

This class explores the beauty and wildness of place through the symbolism of natural elements: including ravens, water, skulls, turquoise, textures, beauty, and wildness. This course reveals these dynamics and seeks to bring understanding through wisdom from the landscape and natural elements. Will focus on content and the craft of writing.

Class Description

Rio Grande, near Taos, NM, Dawn Wink

Rio Grande, near Taos, NM, Dawn Wink

This class explores the beauty and wildness of place (cultural, linguistic, political) through the symbolism of natural elements: including ravens, water, skulls, turquoise, textures, beauty, and wildness. Raven’s Time is grounded in the understandings of beauty as social justice and wildness as freedom. This course reveals these dynamics and seeks to bring understanding through wisdom from the landscape and natural elements. Will focus focus on both content and the writer’s craft, through interactive and engaged writing prompts and activities. At the end of this class, students will be able to: bring improved writing skills to their own writing projects; address how the landscape can inform our understandings about contemporary events (cultural, linguistic, political) with informed and profound understandings; move forward with their own writing projects with renewed energy and craft. Instruction/communication will take place through email and the course shell. All reading materials for the course will be provided by the instructor through the format of the course.


Throughout this student-centered course, participates are expected to participate fully in all readings and discussions. This is a brief, intensive course and we’ll make the most of it. This course is taught in an interactive, engaged, and critically-reflective perspective. Student participation is essential for all participants to learn not only from the instructor, but also from each other. Students are expected to post in the discussions a minimum of 3 times/week—more is encouraged. Written assignments will include weekly written assignments and a final written portfolio, based on the specific writing goals of the student.

  • water-flowing-over-rocksUnit 1: Voice of Life: Reflections on Water, Language, and Story. Flexibility. Destruction. Strength. Nourishment. Gives or takes away life. All are commonalities that language and culture share with water. The power of water underlies all. Agua es vida. This week explores the unique dynamics of language, the intimate relationship of language and culture, and how the properties of water and the southwestern landscape can inform our understandings about language and linguistic human rights.
  • Veins of Turquoise, photo by R. Weller

    Veins of Turquoise, photo by R. Weller

    Unit 2: Veins of Turquoise: Migration and Immigration This week explores historical and contemporary migration and immigration in the Southwest through the lens of turquoise. For thousands of years, turquoise traveled the vein connecting the Mayans and Aztecs with the people of the Southwest. The Pueblo people say turquoise steals its color from the sky—the stone has been spiritually, economically, and aesthetically significant to indigenous people since A.D. 300. What can we learn from the historic role of turquoise in the Southwest, nepantla pedagogy, and how can this inform our understandings of current immigration policies?

  • Sugar skull, photo by Wynn Wink-Moran

    Sugar skull, photo by Wynn Wink-Moran

    Unit 3: Skulls and Textures: This week explores the symbolism of skulls and textures of language through historical and contemporary lenses. From Mayan crystal skulls, the skull mountains of the Aztects, the scattered bones of livestock herds, the sugar skulls of Día de los Muertos, to the human skulls of immigrants under the desert sun, we’ll explore how skulls reflect culture. This week also poses questions about the hierarchy of languages around the world, linguistic human rights, and the global role of english. What can we learn from the symbolism of skulls and rich textures of the land to inform our understandings of culture and language?

  • Unit 4: Wildness and Beauty Altars create a reciprocal relationship with the mystery and the Divine. In this class, we’ll explore living as if the world, its landscape and people, are a living altar. What are the roles of Beauty and Wildness within our living altar—and how do we create and honor these in our lives?

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Intermediate/Advanced writing and computer skills. All documents submitted in Microsoft Word. Internet and email necessary. Time Commitment: 3 hrs/week

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $128. Non-SCN members: $160.

Instructor Bio

Dawn WinkDawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores the tensions and beauty of language, culture, and place. Her first book, Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It?, co-written with Joan Wink, was published in 2004 by Pearson. Dawn is an Associate Professor at Santa Fe Community College, her essays and articles have appeared in journals and magazines. Dawn started a literary, educational, and artistic blog community, Dewdrops, in 2011. Her novel, Meadowlark, published by Pronghorn Press, will be released in July 2013. Dawn lives with her family in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Visit her website & blog.

Rio Grande, near Taos, NM, Dawn Wink

Rio Grande, near Taos, NM, Dawn Wink

Please come and dip your feet into the waters of these ideas. 


Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

10 thoughts on ““Raven’s Time: Wildness and Beauty” Online Class

  1. Nice to hear that dawn.Its was very good experience for all of tham who was using that.Beat of luck for all of them.Keep posting such nice info with us.Thanks for this post also.

  2. Pingback: One Year of Dewdrops | Dawn Wink: Dewdrops

  3. So glad this is all coming together for you. Sure to be a wonderful experience for all!

  4. Hi Dawn,

    I hope you and Noe are doing well. I would love to take your class with you in person but would be interested online if you aren’t planning to do one soon. Before I sign up I need to know the times as none were given. It says 3 hours a week. Could you clarify please?

    Thanks and all the best,


    Deborah Boldt

    2329 Camino del Prado

    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507-4883

    Home: (505) 983-4314

    Mobile: (505) 577-3997

    • Dear Deborah,

      Oh, that would be wonderful to share the Raven’s Time class online with you! The class will be composed in weekly themes, which we’ll read, talk, write, and create around. This class is designed for people to explore these ideas together and in their own writing and art, if they’d like. The estimated three hours/week of class is an estimate of what I believe will be an average time that students will spend on the class. There are no “set” class times to honor individual busy schedules. Log into class whenever works for you.

      I am not scheduled to teach Raven’s Time in person anytime soon, at this point. I’m going to include many videos in the online format in hopes of creating some of that together-in-person feel. I will use art, videos, poetry, music, and try to create as much texture within the online format, as possible.

      Hope you’re summer is going beautifully and the healing continues!

      Smiles and hugs,

  5. Dear Dawn,

    I hope this goes really well for you. I am in the airport on the way to London….. Yikes!

    My life is turning turning…. the Paris program looks simply incredible and I am nervous and excited. Still no job. What I want is something simple that I can control. A little botany, a little tutoring. The writing program is what I want to devote all my real energy to. We shall see. I am sorry not to have seen you more this past month. It has been so hard though. But this great leaving is like a shedding of everything. I am going on a great purging and rebeginning.

    Miss you. thinking about you lots. Have super class. I am in email contact this whole time, so write to me if you can. I will send postcards of my travels!

    much love,


  6. Thanks for sharing Dawn! Sounds like a great opportunity for a life enriching experience.All the best, Lauren

    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 20:42:00 +0000 To: lkzaira@hotmail.com

    • Hey dear Lauren, Wonderful to hear from you! I missed you in Chicago and it was great to see Jeff. I so look forward to this class. Thinking of you in this next chapter of life in the US. Big hugs, Dawn

  7. Dawn, I am certain this will be a fabulous experience for all participants. I love your Raven’s Time work…

    • Hi Denise, Oh, thanks so much. I was thrilled to have this proposal accepted and so look forward to the conversation and ideas. Thinking of you and hoping you’re enjoying your summer. Big hugs, Dawn

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