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An Invitation – Artists Among Us


Georgia O'Keeffe's pastels, photo by Annie Liebowitz

Georgia O’Keeffe’s pastels, photo by Annie Liebowitz

Ghost Ranch, home of Georgia O'Keeffe

Ghost Ranch, home of Georgia O’Keeffe

I could stare and stare at these pastels, made by Georgia O’Keeffe, infused with the natural landscape for their color and shade. I see her walking across the northern New Mexico landscape, dressed in jeans or the dresses she favored. The crunch of dirt and gravel beneath her shoes, the scent of juniper and piñon, the cornflower blue bowl of sky above,  her eyes scan the land, taking in each subtle shade and nuance. What did she use to create all those shades of bone for her skulls?

The grooves of each pastel evokes images of the piece held between her fingers, as she contemplates the canvas. And, then those iconic hands brush and stroke.

Calling All Artists – I’ve become aware of the number of accomplished artists in our Dewdrops community. A few pieces ago, the writers in our community shared their writing spaces. This is an invitation to artists to please share your artwork with our community. Artists among us include sculptors, painters, musicians, jewelers, photographers, opera singers, ceramicists, visual poets, potters, and many more mediums. Please share the beauty of your art. Send a photo and a bit about what your journey with art means to you. If you have a website, please include that, so I can share the link. Send to me at dawn@dawnwink.com.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe said about her art:

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.”

“I often painted fragments of things, because it seemed to make my statement as well, or better, than the whole could.”

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.”

“Singing has always seemed to me the most perfect means of expression. It is so spontaneous. And after singing, I think the violin. Since I cannot sing, I paint.”

If you sing, paint, draw, sculpt, create jewelry, create ceramics, bead, sketch, photograph, or any of the other infinite ways of creating art, please share that beauty with us.

A marvelous word I just discovered – “caim – (n.) lit. “sanctuary”; an invisible circle of protection drawn around the body with the hand, that reminds you that you are safe and loved, even in the darkest times.” May we all experience caim.

Red Poppy, Georgia O'Keeffe

Red Poppy, Georgia O’Keeffe


Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

21 thoughts on “An Invitation – Artists Among Us

  1. I do tatting, an ancient form of lacemaking. It helps get the itchy twitchy out of my idle hands.

    • Dear Heather, I have such wonderful images and memories of tatting. My great grandmother’s both tatted – what an art! I have various tatted treasures from women of my family around the house. Thank you so much for sharing this art and all of the heritage and women’s stories that come with that fine lace. All my best, Dawn

  2. So very beautiful…..to almost all the senses…if I try I can smell fresh air and flowers! Thanks for sharing…it is very soothing and inspirational.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Not something I can do, unless of course, stick people count or I could take a picture of something one of my talented children have done and pretend it’s mine, but I fear I’d get called out.

  4. Thank you, Dawn! I love the community you create here at your blog. Just sent mine to you. Thank you!

  5. I too am fascinated by Georgia O’Keefe’s pastels. It’s wonderful they were preserved.

  6. Ghost Ranch is one of my favorite places. I walked the Labyrinth there, very special, very spiritual. The photo above of Georgia O’Keefe’s pastels is fascinating, the range in the palette, the colored dust, the wooden box, the worn sticks (we know where they went!). The photo of her outdoors with a painting and the New Mexico landscape behind her is especially beautiful. What art means to me as a fiction writer is a stretching of my world of words. And something magical, too. Something about color and magic.

    • Penny, Oh, thank you for sharing your memories of Ghost Ranch. I love the thought of you there, walking the Labyrinth. How beautifully you express this, “What art means to me as a fiction writer is a stretching of my world of words. And something magical, too. Something about color and magic.” Thank you for sharing this vision. xo

  7. My visual art is in my garden, under loads of weeds and debris. I think today I’ll spend some time tending to it, and when it blooms, I’ll send an image to you. Patience.

  8. Thank you Dawn, for your rich sensabilities!!!! Definitely working in the studio today! Inspired! xoxAmy

  9. Gorgeous!!

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