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An Invitation – Writing Spaces


Writing space

Writing space

As we begin the new year, many of us are organizing our spaces. My own writing desk loomed un-tended for the past month. With the end of the semester, then preparation for the holidays, then recuperation and clean-up from the holidays, things just kept getting piled on my desk. I said to myself, “I’ll get to it after (fill in the blank).” Yesterday was the day. I turned on a book-on-tape and dove in. This morning I walked out in the darkness and felt the openness of the space that had felt clogged and cluttered. Today, there is room to work toward those dreams and deadlines.

I am fascinated with writing spaces. Each is so unique and laden with personality. Each, an altar of the person who writes there. I thought of our Dewdrops community.

Barbara Kingsolver in her writing space

Barbara Kingsolver in her writing space

We are a creative community that spans the globe. We live throughout the U.S., from the open prairie, to Los Angeles, to NYC. We live in the lushness of Costa Rica, metropolitan London, breathtaking Salzburg, and the mountains of rural Colombia. We travel a lot through eastern Europe, Canada, Qatar, and Thailand. We’re in México, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. We include writers, teachers, readers, bakers, opera singers, journal and letter writers, artists, musicians, software programmers, professors, body workers, photographers, beaders, international investment partners, cowgirls, biologists, doctoral and MBA students, and the whole spectrum along the arc. We range in age across multiple decades.

As I think of our community and our amazing array of experiences, I am always mindful of what common threads draw us together, of which there are many. We seem to be a group fascinated with life. We are curious and love learning. We seek beauty, even as often many of our hearts break. We are a resilient bunch who stands back up after being knocked down. And then we stand back up again. We read and talk and listen and joke and love.

My Ideal Writing Space by artist Jim Doyle

My Ideal Writing Space by artist Jim Doyle

Artist Jim Doyle created his version of my ideal writing space for me. To say that I cherish this piece would be an understatement. He used my favorite colors – bright, bold, full of energy. Each component of the piece symbolizes some aspect of my writing life. All revolves around my three children: three smaller notebooks on top of my larger notebook, the two windows plus mirror creates three, and three saguaros and surrounding landscape represent the beloved Sonoran desert of my childhood. A single cup of coffee steams from the table.

The Invitation – I include above the photo of my writing space. I invite you to send me photos of your own writing spaces. We are a community – let’s get to know one another and share ideas and images. Perhaps you write books at your desk, and perhaps you write letters or in your journal, you write music, business plans, lesson plans, or cake recipes. Perhaps your draw. Please send photos to me at dawn@dawnwink.com and write in the subject heading, “Dewdrops – Writing Spaces.” If you feel moved to write a bit about your space, please do so. It isn’t necessary, so feel free to send just photos. I’ll include your name, and if you have one, website/blog. Your writing space doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate or even terribly neat – just authentic.

Writing - I love the swirl and swing of words....

Writing – I love the swirl and swing of words….

I look forward to our community sharing ideas and getting to know one another.

* * *

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Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores the beauty and tensions of language, culture, and place.

12 thoughts on “An Invitation – Writing Spaces

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  2. Dawn, we are in the process of shifting our offices … so when I get all moved into my new office, it will be fun to send you the pic.

  3. Dawn I love you writing space. Thank you for sharing this marvelous idea. On the other hand – you do not want to see mine. Taking a pic for myself – perhaps a “Before” and “After” – might help me organize it so it works.

    • Hi Lindy, That was one of the main inspirations behind this idea, Lindy. I did take a “Before” photo, which actually I meant to include in this piece. Clearly, I have no pride. I’m always intrigued with writing spaces and the ideas of tossing this out to our community came to me yesterday. Then, I HAD to clean and organize my desk – if only for myself. Felt wonderful to wake up to this morning.

  4. Hi Dawn, thank you for the inspiration!! Mind if I steal this idea for my bead blog? (sharing beading/work spaces — what a brilliant idea!!)

  5. Mamawolfe, Perfect! Reflections of a very nomadic lifestyle, symbolic of so many of our writing lives. I hope you’ll send photos – including of behind the steering wheel of a parked car! One of my own writing spaces, as well. Yes, “try to squeeze every precious moment out of life.”

  6. My brain is swirling with how to capture the many places I find to write…including behind the steering wheel of my parked car! Reflecting on this post is showing me the very nomadic lifestyle I live right now, and how I try to squeeze every precious moment out of life.

  7. Beautiful, Dawn. I wonder what beautiful words will be written next in your writing space………… what vast territories will be discovered, what life event brought meaning to, what wisdom your soul will reveal………:)

    • Dear, Kenna, It was amazing to feel the shift in energy after tending the desk last night and this morning….something you understand oh so well, now there is space for those new territories… 🙂 I can only imagine your own writing space with its attention to detail and beauty.

  8. Liz, You should’ve seen my desk yesterday… 🙂 Love you, Dawn

  9. Dawn, there is beauty in the neat-and-tidy aspect of your cleaned up desk. But there is also beauty in a certain sort of messiness that only occurs when creation is taking place. Some times ‘the swirl and swing of words’ is too powerful to be neat and tidy!
    Happy New Year — and Happy Creations in 2013

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