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Vincenzo’s Ghost


I received this email from my literary agent and dear friend, Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli. It was so beautiful, I asked if I could share. Thank you, dear Liz.

“So today is the first anniversary of dear Vince’s death. I want to share this little story with you and I’ve attached two pictures of Vincenzo’s Ghost. Here is the story: I’ve been having a big lump in throat and ache-y heart, which is natural, of course, but tough to take. I have a rare orchid that was given to me by an orchid lady (she knew everything about them!) in FL when V and I were living in Sarasota.

When we moved to Santa Fe, I brought all of my orchids and there are two that have survived the 10 years that we/I have now lived here. The rare one is a ‘ghost’ orchid. It is one of those orchids that needs to hang, leaviing all its roots exposed to the air (orchids are, after all, air plants). When it is in bloom, it produces these extremely delicate white flowers — and since the plant is hanging, one has the impression of little ghosts suspended in the air. My plant has gone into full bloom three times since I’ve lived here.

The last couple of years, while V was ill, it did not bloom — perhaps because I wasn’t focusing my love on my orchids as much as I used to — who knows?

Anyway, since I’ve been in my sweet little apt., I’ve lavished my love on my two old orchids and been given several more and they’ve all done well. About a week ago, I noticed the ghost orchid had a blossom bud! Only one. Last Friday afternoon it opened. It’s a bit bigger than usual, perhaps because it is the only one. That ghost flower has calmed me.

So here’s where I’m going to get a teensy bit woo-woo and say I believe it is my darling, sending me a message, calming me down, letting me know he loves me and how beautiful life is, so I need to just chill out!! I have attached a couple of pictures that Michael took Monday.

We are calling it Vincenzo’s Ghost. Look how it is shaped in a perfect heart… ”

* * *

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Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

10 thoughts on “Vincenzo’s Ghost

  1. Having had similar experiences following the death of a loved one, even briefly experiencing my mother’s presence 54 years after her death, I am sure her beloved is near and the flower aptly named.

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  3. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story.

  4. Beautiful. xo

  5. My eyes clouded with unshed tears as I read Liz’s beautiful ode to her love. What a wonderful tribute to a spouse. No doubt Vince is watching over Liz in the form of a heart-shaped orchid.

    I believe in this type of happenstance as reading this reminded me of when my Dad passed away in 1980. I was given a planter that included a small snake plant. For more than 15 years, I coaxed that snake plant along, giving it room to grow in bigger pots as time went on. About the time of its 18th year, and after much nurturing, the plant flowered for the first time. I remember thinking that it was a miracle as I hadn’t known that snake plants produce flowers. And I remember thinking that I’d wished my Dad could be here to witness this with me.

    Fast forward to present day, 32 years later and now divided into two plants, both bloom about twice a year. Perhaps my Dad is closer to me than I think…

    Thanks for sharing, Dawn, and thanks to Liz for allowing you to share Vincenzo’s Ghost…

    • Thirty-two years and both bloom twice a year—yes, I think perhaps your dad IS closer to you than you think… Thank you so much, Alice, for taking the time to write and for sharing your own story of love and spirit.

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