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Early morning editing


I took this photo a few days ago as I was editing the manuscript for my novel, Meadowlark. What I remember is lifting my eyes and a moment of surprise not to see the prairie of western South Dakota out the window. This is what I saw. Early morning editing

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Author: Dawn Wink

Dawn Wink is a writer and educator whose work explores language, landscape, wildness, beauty, and imagination.

6 thoughts on “Early morning editing

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  3. I am at my desk now – not editing, but writing the first draft of a story. I used to dislike the editing part until I learned it’s what makes the story stronger. I have three phases draft, the redraft, the first edit… the final edit is not part of the other three. There is a lot of reading aloud – in the closet, bedroom with the door shut, or sitting on the front porch. I’m sure the neighbors think I am mad.

    I loved the notebook to the left in the picture. I’ve never been one to keep a physical journal (only in the early days) but I love that writes do and can. I keep virtual ones… not the same, but they work better for me.

    • The neighbors of every writer should think us mad. This reminded me of my own neighbor mentioning how she drove by my house, with all of the flurry of teenage activity, and wondered how I got any writing done… Pre-dawn hours! And yes, lots of reading aloud and scribbling anywhere and everywhere….

      I agree about the editing process. This particular manuscript has been such a journey, with multiple rounds of fairly brutal editing, that it feels the editing was a manuscript unto itself. I am enjoying being, at last, at the fine-tuning level.

      Physical notebooks work beautifully for me. I have stacks and stacks and boxes of them. They are filled with scribbles, clusters, lists, and ideas. The subject of a future Dewdrops, actually. I love when writers can keep virtual notebooks and wish I could. I’ve tried and have found I need the textures of paper and ink. Here’s to both!

      Sending loads of writing energy your way!

  4. Laurie – You’re “under the full moon with an owl hooting watering garden plants…” Beautiful. I can just see you. I look forward to hearing more about your four day spa retreat – details please! I know you’ll paint the portrait beautifully and I’ll get to experience the retreat with you. Yes, another message from me in your InBox. Wecome home. Much love, Dawn

  5. I absolutely love this photo and knowing you were working on your story.

    Just home from my four day spa retreat…more on that in the Sept newsletter…but couldn’t sleep so I’m out under the full moon with an owl hooting watering the garden plants and catching up on email. Very pleasant indeed!

    How is all going? There may be another message from you buried in my InBox!

    Sending love and hugs, Laurie

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